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Opdateret: 29. dec. 2020

Yucatan Peninsula, where Cancún's beaches are the main attraction, another must-see is the archaeological sites of the Maya civilizations. Two thousand years ago, the Maya developed a written language, mathematics, astronomy, and a calendar system for farming. The strange part is they did not all live together in one place. Mexico has over200 different sites, and 4000 sites spread out all over Central America.

The mystery is, how did the Maya develop similar cities with temple-pyramids, palaces, ball courts, and grand plazas? If this is true, and they were independent of each other. The other part of the mystery is, what happened to cause the collapse of an entire unconnected civilization?

I love a mystery, and the Maya’s secret is fascinating, my newest book, “Caribbean Gold,” traces back to the Maya history to solve a puzzle.

It will be out in November, currently on Pre-order.

Last summer we visited the Yucatán Peninsula, July is not the best time for beaches in Mexico.

Check before going with the conditions of Sargasso Seaweed, a brown, foul-smelling macro-algae that floats ashore shutting down a beach for miles and miles.

D.M. Sorlie

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