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Opdateret: 29. dec. 2020

I thought we would go back a moment to meet a caravan touring Italy in a vintage car with Grandma, Grandaughter, and family. My video is taken in Asolo, a village in the Veneto Region of Northern Italy. Not too far from Venice. There were three of these vintages restored beauties driven by a family from England. Not sure of their itinerary, but I would have driven to Milan, Italy, Geneva, Switzerland, and then on to Dijon France. About 9 hours, but why go all the way when you can stay in Geneva?

In my book “Concealment,” Dijon takes on a significant role due to the location of an Abbey during World War One and a compassionate Abbess, who nursed a wounded author, but whose side was the soldier on?”

D.M. Sorlie

"A good book has no ending"


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