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Opdateret: 29. dec. 2020

Ireland is a writer’s dream that extends back centuries of creative storytelling. My own experience of the Emerald Isle, started when my wife and I stayed at Ashford Castle Hotel In County Mayo in Cong Ireland.

Unlike John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara, in the movie” The Quiet Man,” our trip was more peaceful. However, we did meet a little man who reminded me of Barry Fitzgerald from the film.

We were confused by the road signs and stopped asking directions to a dapper dressed gentleman about to enter Pat Cohan Pub in the village.

His answer to my question was one I’ll never forget.

“Lost are you now, how can you be lost me boy, when you’re on an Island?”

Later that month, we drove the Ring of Kerry and reminded ourselves not to ask directions unless you’re willing to listen to more Irish humor.

My book, “Counter Deception,” has an incident with the IRA and two of Sue Lees’s lovers who met under strange circumstances during World War Two.

D.M. Sorlie

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