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Caribbean Gold #13
Bahama sunshine, palm trees, and the bright blue Caribbean sea is a perfect destination for a Christmas party for "Island Art Inquires." Including a fun treasure hunt for Spanish Doubloons that turns deadly.
The Cold War has produced Russian invasion fears in Alaska. To prepare, the FBI is secretly training civilians to transmit enemy movements. The flaw is the vast Alaskan wilderness is rich in minerals, leaving room for corruption and murder during Operation Washtub.
Villa Adele Murder #11
In the past, a murder at Villa Adele in 1901 deceives the Monte Carlo commissioner of police causing the death of an innocent man. In 1951, new evidence is disclosed along with lost treasure fortune seekers are willing to kill for.
Géant Christmas #10
An exceptional giant man with a heart to match, bringing people together to escape from the constraints of Nazi's rules to enjoy a memorable Christmas.
My Friend Amelia # 9
A search in the Pacific for Dr. Jane's childhood idol Amelia Earhart, an American aviation pioneer, uncovers a hidden murder from the past now haunting to be solved.
Marry-Go-Round #8
Nuclear physics after years of developing the Atomic bomb hides in shame as a circus clown, but laughter turns deadly when the real anarchists stepped out from behind the masquerade.
Klondike Journal #7
Klondike Journal is a murder mystery taking place in two separate timelines involving two exceptional women ahead of their time.
Marie Adele, a wayward New York socialite, finds prosperity during the Klondike gold rush after being bestowed with a treasure that brings murder into the present.
Sue Lee is uncovering the pieces of Klondike Marie's past to find the treasure before the psychotic killer kills again.
Concealment #6
Alex is on an assignment following the trail of war criminals and is unaware of his friend Clara's anguish. She has requested the help of "Island Art Inquiries."
Sue Lee and Dr. Jane arrived at her home in Clovelly to learn more about a book from the past. They promised Clara they will find the writer while in Paris on business. However, what they thought would be a simple buying trip finds them at the beginning of a ratline.
A series of underground routes, helping the Nazis to escape prosecut
Lost Buddha #5
Lost Buddha, a postwar Sue Lee Mystery series involving seventh-century tapestries preserved by an antique dealer during the war. After his brutal death, the first Lost Buddha is discovered, and the race is on to find the other five, hiding somewhere in the world. The search uncovers war criminals hiding from prosecution, placing Sue Lee, and Dr. Jane, in a dangerous, life-threatening situation.
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Deceptive Message #4
The merger of the final clues to find the missing Kazaritachi sword is fascinating.

Inside was a sheath with shell inlays, beautifully crafted, and very old. Sue Lee and Jimmy said at the same time, "The Kazaritachi sheath?" And looked at each other. " Sue Lee spoke first. "Why are they separated, where is the sword?"
Counter Deception #3
World War Two progresses into the year 1943.
Sue Lee finds herself trapped in a deadly situation in Cuba, at a strategic airbase.
Her right hand was covering the wound to staunch the bleeding as she watched for his next move.
Deceptions Of War #2
Captain Sue Lee Ono, a code breaker for army intelligence is moving deeper into the world of espionage. Her language skills take her to Nazi occupied Paris, her assignment is to find and help liberate a Jewish scientist.
She needs to accomplish her mission before the Gestapo with the help of the Vichy French, round up all the Jewish residents in Paris, and ship them to Auschwitz to the gas chambers.
Her handler and new lover is Alex Mueller from the Army Counter Intelligence Command.
One of the
A Time Of Deception #1
San Francisco, 1941, The Japanese have attacked Pearl Harbor, and a young code breaker, Lieutenant Sue Lee Ono, suddenly finds herself in the rapidly progressing timeline of the war.
Her personal world is caught up in prejudice, deception, espionage, and murder after finding a cryptic message involving her beloved deceased uncle.
Set against the golden city of San Francisco and the majestic coastline of Northern California during the beginning of World War, a powerful story about an extraordina
Mysteries Box Set #1
Mysteries Box Set #2
Mysteries Box Set #3
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Lot 68 Preorder #14
A trilogy of rare French art books is becoming the highlight of a charity auction held annually at the Crystal Bay Club. Members were pleased with all the attention because of the high price the books could raise for their charity. Opinions changed after finding they had a murder among them.
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